Tuesday, August 7, 2012


This past weekend, the Hubs, Brayden and I met my BFF, her Hubs, and her 2 cutie-pies Sadie and Owen in Jekyll Island.  This was the first time that I met Owen and Andrea met Brayden.  We had a great time!  Its definitely different going on vacation with kids.  The days of the Hubs and I throwing a bag in the car and only stopping once for 10 minutes along the way are OVER.  I don't understand how one little man can have so much stuff to bring for a long weekend.  When we arrived at the Jekyll Island Club, I instantly felt bad for the valet guy.  He packed up all our stuff and told us he'd bring it to our room.  The Club is an old, charming place with lots of stairs.  Even if you take the elevator, you still needed to take a flight of stairs to our room.  After unloading our room, and Andrea's room, I think the guy wanted to quit!  Below are some pictures from our weekend :)

xoxo, Jen

Row 1:  Jekyll Island Club, Round of golf for the guys, Family stroll, Future golf foursome, Andrea and Sadie
Row 2:  Mommy and Brayden, Andrea Sadie Jen Brayden, Daddy and Brayden, Family pic after the pool, Out to dinner
Row 3:  Mommy and Brayden, Brayden and Owen (only 4 months apart!), Rowlson Family, Ice Cream snack, Matching pedicures for the girls
Row 4:  Fun in PJs, Interesting people in CVS, Antique Shopping, Car ride home

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