Wednesday, August 15, 2012

At The Current Moment...

I was reading through my daily blog lists and came across this post on Love Lipstick and Pearls blog.  I thought it was so cute and decided to take a stab at it.  Its basically an update on your current status of books, food, life, etc.  I've listed mine below.  I'd love to know how mine compares to yours!

xoxo, Jen

Current Book:
Not that I've had time to read lately, but this book is downloaded on my Kindle and ready to go!  I love Emily Giffin and can't wait to start reading her newest book; Where We Belong.

Current Playlist:
Anything on BPM.  I'm also loving Whistle by my boy Flo Rida (its so catchy!)

Current Color:
Still loving Mint (see my post here).  I'm also loving Hot Pink.  Gotta take advantage of the last few weeks of summer colors!

Current Food:
Chips/Salsa/Guac from Taqueria del Sol

Current Favorite Shows:
Big Brother, Project Runway, RHONJ, Teen Mom (don't judge)

Current Needs:
Essie Mint Candy Apple nail polish, J.Crew chevron cosmetic bag, a cute game day dress for FSU!

Current Triumphs:
Recently got promoted at work

Current Banes of My Existence:
Mine and the Hubs travel schedule, my alarm clock, Brayden's teething, my manicure not lasting more than a week without chipping.

Current Celeb Crush:
Ryan Reynolds :)

Current #1 Blessing:
My boys <3

Current Indulgence:
Cursing the Hubs for buying a box of these at Publix, but I love it!

Current Outfit:
Cute Maxi Dress and Bubble Necklace

Current Excitement:
The Hubs to come home from his business trip, Double Date with great friends on Friday (plus Brayden), Bid Day on Saturday for my sister (Go Chi-O!).

Current Mood:
Tired (staying up too late writing this blog!)

Current Favorite Quote or Verse:
Hmmmm, can't think of one :(

Current Wish List Items:
In addition to what was already listed above for "current needs"; cute sweaters for Fall! (see my post here)

Current Favorite Product:
My new Studio Careblend Pressed Powder by MAC

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