Monday, February 25, 2013

DIY Jewelry Wall

I have a LOT of jewelry and accessories. I'm constantly reorganizing and buying new things to store them in. A while ago, I mentioned to the Hubs that I wanted to make some sort of wall with different knobs to hang my necklaces on.  My overflow of accessories must have finally gotten to him, because the other day he came home with "supplies" and said that he was making me a jewelry wall (YAY!).  He took peg board and painted it gray.  Then we went to Anthropologie so that I could pick out a bunch of cute knobs.  Since I wanted knobs from Anthropologie, this was not a cheap DIY project!  He also created an area to store my bracelets on.  Everything turned out great, and I love how I'm able to display more of my jewelry  rather than keep them in different containers.  I've posted some pictures below.


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